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[0] FCC Approves ArrayComm Wireless Internet Trial License; Trial paves the way for nationwide broadband Internet service for portable and stationary devices.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2000

ArrayComm Inc. announced today that the FCC has awarded a spectrum license to the company to trial its revolutionary i-BURST(TM) wireless Internet system commercially in San Diego.

Optimized to provide low cost portable broadband access for both businesses and consumers, the i-BURST system will enable a wide range of applications such as telemedicine, high speed file transfer, streaming audio and video and networked lightning fast gaming.

i-BURST is an extremely spectrally efficient access system that can deliver in excess of 40 Mbps in a 10 MHz slice of spectrum, for online access to the full range of rich media applications that the internet has to offer, via laptops, palmtops and next generation fixed and portable Internet appliances. ArrayComm and its partners will deliver user data rates of 1 Mbps or more -- even when the network is operating at full capacity -- at costs similar to today's dial-up Internet access.

The commercial market trial in San Diego will service thousands of users beginning in mid 2001. Full-scale commercial deployment blanketing the nation's top 100 metropolitan areas will follow.

"The intent of this trial is to demonstrate the commercial viability of an advanced technology that allows users to experience a vast range of applications and services within a portable broadband Internet system at very low cost," said Nitin J. Shah, ArrayComm executive vice president and general manager for i-BURST. "We are grateful to the FCC for having the vision to showcase this highly spectrally efficient system in a major commercial trial."

i-BURST leverages ArrayComm's patented and commercially proven IntelliCell(R) adaptive array antenna (spatial processing) technology enabling networks that can deliver 400 times the performance of today's wireless Internet solutions and 40 times the performance of third generation systems currently in development.

Combining a superior wireless access system with an open services platform and an IP transparent network architecture effectively means that i-BURST can uniquely enable a host of media-rich consumer and business applications to the end user at a fraction of today's costs. In contrast with cable/DSL and Satellite internet access services, i-BURST allows for complete portability and does not require any special installation of equipment at a user's site -- saving both operator and customer, time, money and inconvenience.

i-BURST's high speed, always-on connectivity, combined with the freedom to move, promises to redefine the Internet experience, enabling fully functional portable work environments, high-bandwidth public safety communication, telemedicine and leading edge consumer and business applications.

About ArrayComm

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and recently named as one of Wireless Week's 25 companies to watch in the new millennium, ArrayComm ( is the global leader in smart antenna-based wireless communications. The company recently closed on a round of financing led by Sony Corporation of America (NYSE:SNE), to accelerate the development of i-BURST. The company also recently announced an agreement with Redback Networks to deliver "plug and play" wireless Internet access systems.

ArrayComm's IP-based i-BURST system has been designed to fully leverage the success of ArrayComm's patented IntelliCell technology. IntelliCell dramatically enhances the capacity, coverage, and quality of wireless communication systems. It works with all wireless air interfaces. ArrayComm's IntelliCell technology is deployed in tens of thousands of systems serving commercial customers in the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, China and Japan. IntelliCell technology is widely deployed in DDI Pocket Telephone's Network, which serves millions of customers in Japan. ArrayComm is helping make high-quality wireless communications truly affordable for mass markets worldwide.
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Date:Jun 6, 2000
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