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THE family of Linda McDonald, who was almost killed by Robbie McIntosh, are demanding answers about why the convicted murderer was allowed out of prison.

After serving time for the brutal murder of Anne Nicoll, McIntosh attempted to kill Linda by repeatedly hitting her on the head with a dumbbell in woods in Dundee.

Our readers responded to Linda's family's plea to the Scottish Prison Service, in which they asked them to "re-examine release criteria".

Stephen Cameron said: "He was in for stabbing a woman 29 times in a coldblooded murder, then bludgeons another woman with a dumbbell in broad daylight. How was he even considered for parole, never mind weekend release?" Janice Crawford added: "What is going on? Stupid judge and the SPS letting him go. Are they all stupid?" James P Graeme wrote: "There are dozens of convicted murderers and violent criminals released each year. Conditions of licence will have no impact should they decide to kill again and constant monitoring is not practical."


KILLER Robbie McIntosh

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 27, 2017
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