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IN yesterday's Record, Scots Justice Secretary Michael Matheson was urged to take responsibility for Police Scotland mistakes after he tried to shift the blame on to the UK Government.

Here's how our online readers responded: Graeme McLeish said: "If the cops say they are undermanned, they are undermanned; if nurses and doctors say they are understaffed and there is a shortage of beds, they are; if teachers say there are problems in schools, there are. Take the word of the people in these industries."

Caroline Carmichael said: "They've been in power for eight years and have recorded underspends of PS440million and PS356million in two consecutive years. They've had tax-raising powers since 2012 yet don't use them."

Timothy Hallan added: "Operational failures are down to bad ministerial decisions and dodging responsibility like this is embarrassing."

Eddie Martin added; "Nicola Sturgeon's minions won't take the blame for anything. The Tories better hope it doesn't snow this weekend as they will get the blame for that."



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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 13, 2015
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