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OUR online readers got talking about a story in our sister paper the Sunday Mail about lollipop lady Betty Dickson, who has been banned from waving to schoolchildren for health and safety reasons.

Sharon Bain said: "I completely disagree with this. It's with the help of such friendly lollipop men and women that we managed to get my autistic/ ADHD child to walk to school."

Susan Bauld added: "People sitting behind desks need to get a grip of themselves. The lollipop lady is making a difference and the kids and parents are happy."

That view was backed by Linzi Bell. She wrote: "It's a disgrace. Our lollipop ladies/men should definitely be allowed to speak/wave to our children."

Fiona Mitchell added: "My friend gave up her job as a lollipop lady because she wasn't allowed to help a child who fell while crossing the road."

And Campbell Watson said: "Just waiting on councils banning Santa in case he frightens kids when he comes down the chimney."


CHEERY Betty Dickson

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 2, 2015
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