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OUR story about scores of schoolgirls in Scotland having had multiple abortions before the age of 16 sparked debate online.

Isabel Addie said on our Facebook page: "Education is the key - that along with contraception should help reduce the number seeking terminations.

"We have an oversexualised society where sex is used to sell everything and we will always have peer pressure too."

Zoe Croyadded: "I think added: "I think a lot of of people are quick to judge in situations like this. It takes two people to make a baby yet it's the girl's fault for having sex.

"What about the boy who she had sex with? "Young people are not people are not Y taught about the right and the wrong within relationships, about rape, domestic abuse and respect in relationships.

"If these were in place I think there would be fewer abortions."

Mummy Mae Kasper wrote: "If you think you're too young to be a mother, use protection."

Margaret Crawshaw said: "It's not just teenagers. Too many girls these days use abortion as a contraceptive."


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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 30, 2014
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