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THERE weren't many Daily Record "Beliebers" in evidence yesterday.

We reported Justin Bieber was jetting into Glasgow for a series of gigs. But readers of our Facebook page were less than impressed with the prospect.

We posted footage of fans camping out near the Hydro to see the 22-year-old Canadian, who stormed off stage in Manchester this week because fans would not stop screaming.

Kathleen Downie commented: "It's not even safe to walk down your own street these days and fans think this is safe? All for a little boy who won't appreciate their support."

Jane Condie agreed, adding: "He will most likely do his usual - come on two hours late, sing about three songs then storm off with a petted lip. He's an overrated big wean."

Shell Blair wrote: "Can't believe there are actually people daft enough to camp outside in the cold to see Justin Bieber."

Donna Preston said: "I agree with everyone else. Bieber is a brat who doesn't appreciate his fans and I can only hope he does a full shift in these concerts."


HUFFY Justin Bieber

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 28, 2016
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