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? Spence MacDonald.

Felicitations au Monsieur Wiggins. As the locals wouldn't be saying in Paris as the Tour de France went to one of our own for the first since it started in 1903.

I had never heard ofWiggo before this year's Tour de France and admit I did get caught up in the cycling excitement as the sideburn-sporting star knocked John McCririck off his perch as the nation's most well-known facial follicle fella.

Our Brad has completed what has to be one of the most gruelling challenges in sport.

After 2,173 miles of cycling up hills that make the ones I moan about when I'm on my cycle look like speed-bumps he returned home to immediately start training for the Olympics, which by all accounts starts this weekend.

I'm not being facetious when I say this but being a veteran of long-distance cycling - I've been known to do a 13-mile round trip to a nice pub in the summer - I would have thought he might want to sit down for the rest of this week, either on a rubber ring or a very comfy armchair possibly with cushions filled with ice.

I know how sore my behind is after all that pedalling to the pub so I can only imagine what Brad's feels like. Also, what better training can you get for the Olympics than 2,173 miles up hills and down dales, or whatever they call them en France? At least he should be free of any drawing pins being thrown on the track as happened on stage 14 of the competition.

It was from this that Wiggo became known as 'Le Gentleman' in France as he led the effort to control the pace to allow all of the riders who had punctures to get back into the group after visiting seriously overwhelmed support vehicles.

I just hope this sort of insane sabotage doesn't make it to the Olympics - it is like something out of Wacky Races.

We could see one of the boxers putting a horse-shoe in his glove to beat an opponent or a rival sprinter throwing a banana skin in front of Usain Bolt during the 100 metres.

I do hope that it doesn't boil down to this - unless it results in a record medal haul for Team GB.

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Tour De France hero Bradley Wiggins
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 25, 2012
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