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? Spence MacDonald.

SO Ceefax has gone. With the advent of the digital TV switchover, all areas are now digi-upgraded and the service has gone the way of Upstairs Downstairs, and that is upstairs to meet its maker.

When I heard it was being axed for good my first thought was "It's still going? Who watches that?" What with the internet spewing information out at you from every corner of the globe with news about wars, famines, atrocities and what someone you've never met before is having for tea, who goes to Ceefax for their news? I once fell asleep in front of the TV one night a couple of years ago and woke up to see Pages From Ceefax being aired on BBC2 after closedown. I initially thought I had been hit by a car and had woken up in 1977 and half expected the phone to ring summoning me to meet DI Gene Hunt at the nick.

Sadly I was still in 2010 and it was BBC2 that had slipped back in time. Ceefax was always a pain in the backside as you could never find the HOLD button on your TV remote control quick enough to read a whole article and by the time you had the page had gone on to the next story about a man flashing in a park in Liverpool.

I remember there being a big rivalry between Ceefax and Teletext, which was ITV's offering. Teams from each service would regularly meet up in a pub car park for a fight to see who was best, which would then be reported on page 101 of Ceefax and page 150 of Teletext.

I remember trying to book a holiday on Teletext once but every time I saw something that might be interesting ie two weeks half-board in Rhodes, the page would yet again move forward before I could find the damn HOLD button on the remote and I'd be transported into a world of safaris and cruises for the elderly and forced to wait 30 minutes before it came round again.

It was like being in a travel agents and the sales person constantly giving you brochures for Saga Holidays when you want to go on an 18-30.

I did love the joke page though as a kid, as Ceefax had that special REVEAL button on your remote and I would try guessing the punchline of funnies before revealing them as if by magic. That was, if the page hadn't moved on before I could reveal it. I never did find out what the difference between a snowman and a snow-woman was! Ceefax RIP!

? Spence MacDonald is one half of Heart Breakfast with Spence and Angela, from 6am-10am weekdays on 97.1FM across the Wirral, on 96.3FM across North Wales and on 103.4FM across Cheshire and North East Wales. Also online at
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 25, 2012
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