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: Ii.2.2) Additional Cpv Code (s) 80500000 80530000 Ii.2.3) Place Of Performance Nuts Code: Hu231 Nuts Code: Hu232 Nuts Code: Hu233 Main Site Or Place Of Performance: Baranya, Tolna And Somogy Counties. Ii.2.4) Description Of The Contract: In The Framewor.

Contract award notice: : ii.2.2) additional cpv code (s) 80500000 80530000 ii.2.3) place of performance nuts code: Hu231 nuts code: Hu232 nuts code: Hu233 main site or place of performance: Baranya, Tolna and somogy counties. Ii.2.4) description of the contract: In the framework of the priority project "improving the social human resources" of the efop 3.8.2-16-2016-0001, The 30, 40 and 50 hour social training courses developed by the contracting authority training on personal trainer training and social qualifications 9 / 2000th (5) for the specialties of the sce regulation (viii.4). Execution of professional courses in line a). Xvi. (hereinafter referred to as "km"). In the following eight fields defined by the above regulation, These qualified training courses should be held: - family protection, Family care, - primary care for child welfare, - specialty child protection, - social care for psychiatric and addicts, - social care for the elderly, - homeless care, - social care for the disabled, Rehabilitation, - can not be classified in other prior art. A total of 60 different qualified training courses are required. The contractor is obliged to participate in the recruitment of the target group during the preparation and organization of qualified further training. (further training is required by personal care professionals as a target group). The contractor is also responsible for conducting qualified trainings, Keeping the training according to the qualification program under which the tenderer is obliged. - providing trainers, - provision of room and teaching technology, - providing catering. The number of persons involved in personal training that may be included in the training courses is 6,793. The contracting authority is purchasing on behalf of other contracting authorities: No. Act 105 (2) (c) (reopening of competition). The kbt. Section 104 (5): 5. Option: The contracting authority reserves the right to increase the number of participants if there is a need for it. Within the framework of the option, The number of participants in the training can be increased by 2,038 to 8,831. Ii.2.13) information about european union funds the procurement is related to a project and / or program funded by european union funds: Yes identification of the project: Efop 3.8.2-16-2016-0001 ii.2.14) additional information section iv: Procedures iv.1) description iv.1.1) type of procedure: Open procedure iv.1.3) information about framework agreement the procurement involves the establishment of a framework agreement iv.1.10) common procurement vocabulary (cpv) information on national procedures is available at: iv.1.11) main characteristics of the award procedure: Best value for money: I. The bid price - weight: 90 within which i.1. For 30 hours course (huf / person) - weight: 59 i.2. 40 hours course (huf / person) - weight: 24 i.3. 50 h


Contractor address : Temesvr U. 20. I. p. I. Em. Tax Number: 10805349-2-43. Name Of The Bidder: Manager Praxis Szakkiad s Gazdasgi Tancsad Kft. Bidder~s Seat: 1149 Budapest

Nagy Lajos Kirly tja 127. Tax Number: 13598145-2-42. Name Of The Bidder: Eduweb M

Financier : European Union (EU)

Country :Hungary

Email : Fax: +36 18828593 VI.4.2) Body responsible for mediation proceedings VI.4

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Mar 13, 2018
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