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 ST. PAUL, Minn., April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Deluxe Corporation

(NYSE: DLX), one of the nation's largest printers, announced today it has developed a lithographic printing ink that can be cleaned with a water solution and could significantly reduce air and water pollution generated by the lithographic printing industry. Deluxe said its new water-washable ink culminates two years of research and could have a major environmental impact on the lithographic printing industry.
 Deluxe CEO Harold Haverty said the company has applied for patents covering Deluxe's new solvent-free printing system, including the ink's composition, use and recovery. "We're exploring a variety of potential applications of this new system and we believe it will offer many new opportunities for our company," Haverty said.
 Deluxe spokesman Stuart Alexander, vice president of corporate public relations, pointed out that Deluxe's ink is not a water-based ink. It is a vegetable oil-based lithographic ink that revises one of the long-standing rules on which lithography is based: that oil and water do not mix. "We've found a way to make them mix, but more important, we can control the process and provide ink with a water clean-up capability," he said. Alexander added that the Deluxe ink can be made entirely from renewable resources.
 The key to the new ink, Alexander explained, is that during the printing stage, the ink acts as a conventional insoluble lithographic ink and repels water. During cleanup, when unused ink is wiped from a printing press, the ink can be converted to a water-soluble form and removed with a water solution. The ink's conversion from an insoluble to soluble state, Alexander said, occurs quickly and at normal room temperatures.
 Alexander said Deluxe has tested the ink on conventional lithographic presses since October in selected Deluxe printing plants across the country. The ink has met conventional ink quality standards and has exceeded conventional ink in a number of performance areas, Alexander said. He added that Deluxe plans to use the ink in all of its more than 60 printing facilities by the end of 1993.
 Deluxe retained independent ink expert Frank Civardi to evaluate the new ink concept. Civardi is a New Jersey printing consultant who holds a doctorate in chemical engineering and has more than 30 years of experience in the ink industry. "My first reaction was that it wouldn't work," Civardi said. "But it does work and has been proven in the field. This is truly a revolutionary development for the printing industry."
 The ink was developed by Deluxe senior chemical engineer Thomas J. Pennaz and refined by a team of chemists and printing experts in Deluxe's research and development laboratory. Pennaz said Deluxe developed the ink in response to anticipated stricter Environmental Protection Agency pollution regulations. Pennaz said Deluxe's ink will enable printers to comply easily with the EPA's new limits.
 "This development has the potential to significantly reduce the printing industry's impact on air and water quality," Pennaz said. "It would be comparable to coal-fueled power plants eliminating their emissions of sulfur dioxide, or automobiles their emissions of carbon monoxide."
 The solubility of Deluxe's ink, Pennaz said, eliminates the need for organic- or petroleum-based cleaning solvents, which are a major source of pollution generated by printers. These solvents, which are used to clean ink from printing presses, contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Many also include chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
 Through evaporation, VOCs contribute to ozone creation in the lower atmosphere and CFCs deplete ozone in the upper atmosphere. Lower atmosphere ozone is a health hazard. Upper atmosphere ozone is beneficial because it absorbs the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation.
 The printing industry has struggled to reduce the quantity of petroleum-based solvent in various press washes. "Our ink allows printers to take a major step forward to a zero-VOC solution without compromising performance," Pennaz said. He added that because Deluxe's ink does not require traditional cleaning solvents, it also eliminates the need for hazardous waste disposal of used solvents. Currently, U.S. printers spend millions of dollars to remove and dispose of used solvents.
 Printers also spend huge amounts to launder the towels and rags that are dipped in solvents and used to clean printing presses. Pennaz said the laundering process contributes to water pollution as it removes ink and solvent from used towels and rags and discharges the waste into sewer systems.
 "With our new ink, rags will be dipped in a water solution to clean presses," Pennaz said. "But because the insoluble-to-soluble conversion process can be reversed, the ink can be recovered and removed from the waste stream."
 Deluxe will give a presentation of its new ink at the Environmental Conservation Board (ECB) environmental conference presented by the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation April 27-29 at the Radisson South in Minneapolis.
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 /CONTACT: Stuart Alexander, vice president, corporate public relations, 612-483-7358; or Charles M. Osborne, senior vice president and chief financial officer, 612-483-7355, both of Deluxe/

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