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/C O R R E C T I O N -- Caere Corp./

 /C O R R E C T I O N -- Caere Corp./
 In SJ003, Caere Corp. Receives Patent on Core OCR Technology, moved

yesterday, the stock symbol for Caere Corp. should read "CAER" rather than "CAE" as originally transmitted.
 -0- 9/24/92 C SJ003

 CAERE CORP. RECEIVES PATENT ON CORE OCR TECHNOLOGY (NASDAQ: CAER) announced today that the U.S. Patent Office has awarded Caere patent no. 5,131,053 for its optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms. The patent covers various portions of the unique OCR process used by Caere in all its award-winning OCR products: OmniPage(TM), OmniPage Professional(TM), OmniPage Direct(TM), Typist Plus Graphics(TM) and FaxMaster(TM). The two main technologies covered by the patent are the use of polygons to identify character attributes, and the basic method of identifying text and non-text portions of a page.
 "Caere was the first company to have a software product that automatically differentiated between text and graphics on a page," said Serge Blanc, vice president of engineering for Caere. "The ease of use that this technique brought to the market precipitated the explosive growth in OCR over the past four years."
 Earlier OCR technology worked adequately for legal and government offices, the early adopters of OCR technology. In those environments type-written or non-graphic documents were the norm. Prior to the release of OmniPage in 1988, PC owners had to measure the various text portions of a page, and then program the Cartesian coordinates of both the starting point and the end point of each text portion. As a result, OCR was not widely used in the general office workplace since the wide variety of documents in standard offices often included graphics and the necessity to measure each page and type in coordinates was too onerous for the benefit received. By taking a true-page recognition approach to the OCR process, Caere's AnyFont(TM) was heralded as a major technical breakthrough and signaled the emergence of OCR as a key productivity solution in the office.
 "Caere has received a basic patent on a key technology for modern OCR," comments Rick Doherty, CEO of Kyra Corp., a technology consulting firm, and editor-in-chief of Envisioneering, a personal information technologies newsletter. "This announcement reinforces Caere's technical prowess." When asked to comment on Caere's plan to enforce the patent, John Migliore, Caere's executive vice president and chief operating officer stated, "We will certainly do what is necessary to protect our intellectual property and attempt to realize the appropriate return on our long-term investment in R & D."
 Since the debut of AnyFont in 1988, Caere has achieved a number of award-winning technical and product innovations. For example, in 1990, Caere's Typist was the first hand-held scanner designed for OCR. Later that year, the Typist's capabilities were significantly enhanced with the addition of a grayscale editor, the Graphic Editor(TM). In 1991, OmniPage Professional offered users significant improvements in OCR accuracy, customization and ease of use with HP AccuPage(TM), Caere AnyPage(TM) and OmniTrain(TM). And Caere's recent product offerings, FaxMaster and PageKeeper(TM), include Caere's new SuperCompression(TM) technology, which offers efficient storage of text and images, and AnyFax(TM), a neural OCR engine specifically designed to recognize low- resolution faxes.
 Caere Corp., headquartered in Los Gatos, Calif., is the industry leader in the design, manufacture and sale of products that bridge the worlds of computer-based and non-computer-based information. Caere's market-leading OmniPage family of OCR software converts printed documents into electronic text; Typist Plus Graphics combines hand-held image scanning and OCR; and FaxMaster sends, receives, recognizes and compresses fax documents. Caere has also announced this week at Seybold San Francisco two products which propel the company into two new computer-based information markets: PageKeeper, file and retrieval software which makes electronic information available to knowledge workers and Image Assistant(TM), an advanced image-editing product for both Windows and Macintosh.
 NOTE: Caere is a registered trademark of Caere Corp. OmniPage, Typist Plus Graphics, FaxMaster, PageKeeper, Image Assistant, Graphic Editor, AnyPage, OmniTrain, SuperCompression and AnyFax are trademarks of Caere. Other products named herein may be trademarks of their respective manufacturers and are hereby recognized.
 -0- 9/23/92
 /CONTACT: Larry Miller of Caere, 408-395-7000; or JoAnn Johnston of Regis McKenna, 415-354-4496, for Caere/
 (CAER) CO: Caere Corp. ST: California IN: CPR SU:

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