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/C O R R E C T I O N -- Ricoh Company, Limited/(Correction Notice)

In NYSU002, Ricoh Begins Mass Production of CD-ReWritable Disc Media, moved on Sunday, Nov. 17, we are advised by a representative of the company that the second graph in the Summary of CD-RW Media Mass Production and Shipment section should read "300,000 discs/month (from March, 1997)," rather than "30,000 discs/month," as originally issued.

The entire corrected release follows.
 Ricoh Begins Mass Production Of CD-Rewritable Disc Media

TOKYO, Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh Company, Limited, today announced the start of mass production of CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) media, with shipment to begin in the first quarter of 1997. CD-RW is a rewritable Compact Disc media that uses phase change technology and can be recorded many times over. Ricoh is the first company in the world to begin mass production of CD-RW media.


Start of mass production: November 18, 1996

Production site: Numazu Plant, Japan

Production scale: 50,000 discs/month (initially)

300,000 discs/month (from March, 1997) Total investment: 1.5 billion yen

Start of global shipment: First quarter of 1997 Price: $25 (estimated

street price)

As one standard in the CD family, a unified standard for CD-RW (Orange Book Part III) was released this past October. A single CD-RW disc has the same capacity as roughly 450 floppy disks (650 MB), and data can be read using a CD-ROM drive of DVD-ROM drive. In addition, because they can be re-written over 1,000 times, CD-RW discs are expected to prevail as the media of choice for the multimedia age.

In addition to CD-RW media, Ricoh plans to begin manufacturing CD-RW drives as well.


1. Using our own Ag-In-Sb-Te phase change recording material, we have achieved the world's first rewritable CD.

2. Through high erasability and high recording sensitivity, we have achieved a very high level of reliability.

3. By adding a protective layer to the recording surface, we have achieved a very high level of durability.

Ricoh Company, Limited, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of office equipment, including copiers, facsimiles, multifunctional document systems, electronic components and optical equipment. The Ricoh group conducts 140 consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates in Japan and 230 overseas. As of March 1996, the Ricoh group employed around 60,000 people worldwide and had annual revenues of more than $10 billion. SOURCE Ricoh Company, Limited
 -0- 11/22/96

/CONTACT: Chris Katayama, Media Sales and Marketing of Ricoh Electronics, Inc., 714-566-2500, or Fax -- 714-566-2658/

/PRNewswire -- Nov. 22/

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Date:Nov 22, 1996
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