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Byline: amanda killelea BY amanda

HIGH street chains are fuelling the obesity crisis with "go large" offers on food.

We take in up to 17,000 extra calories per year and are "up-sold" 106 times on average.

The problem was revealed in a Slimming World and the Royal Society for Public Health study.

Young adults, aged 18 to 24, were most likely to fall victim to up-selling, consuming 750 extra calories each week, on average.

Jenny Caven, of Slimming World, said: "It may seem that having a larger bar of chocolate or a bigger bag of crisps here and there won't do much harm.

"The reality is it all adds up."

Here, we look at the added calorie count in some of the most popular go-large deals. STARBUCKS | TALL 12oz CAFFE LATTE WITH WHOLEMILK 172 calories, PS2.25 | VENTI 20oz CAFFE LATTE WITH WHOLEMILK 299 calories, PS2.95 EXTRA CALORIES 127 EXTRA COST 70p This is a 27% price increase but a massive 74% more calories 74% 27% more cals more cost MCDONALD'S | SMALL FRIES 237 calories, 89p | LARGE FRIES 444 calories PS1.39 EXTRA CALORIES 207 EXTRA COST 40p A huge 87% increase in calories for just a 44% increase in cost 87% 44% more cals more cost KFC | TWO PIECE MEAL WITH REGULAR FRIES AND REGULAR DRINK 795 calories, PS4.49 | THREE PIECE MEAL WITH REGULAR FRIES AND REGULAR DRINK 1,035 calories, PS5.49 EXTRA CALORIES 240 calories EXTRA COST PS1 A 30% boost in calories but just a 22% price rise 30% 22% more cals more cost BURGER KING | WHOPPER SANDWICH 660 calories, PS3.89 | DOUBLE WHOPPER SANDWICH 900 calories, PS4.89 EXTRA CALORIES 240 EXTRA COST PS1 That's 36% more calories for just 26% more money 30% 22% more cals more cost EAT | SMALL 300G CHICKEN POT PIE SOUP 216 calories, PS3.29 | LARGE 625G CHICKEN POT PIE SOUP 450 calories, PS4.79 EXTRA CALORIES 234 EXTRA COST PS1.50 108% the cals for 45% the price 4 e 108% 45% more cost more cals FIVE GUYS | REGULAR FRIES 427 calories, PS4 | LARGE FRIES 636 calories, PS5 EXTRA CALORIES 209 EXTRA COST PS1 A big 48% extra calories for just 25% price increase 48% 25% more cals more cost DON'T MISS Your brilliant Can Slim, Will Slim Slimming World magazines FREE inside your Daily Mirror & Sunday Mirror next weekend.

DOMINOS | SMALL 9.5 INCH AMERICAN HOT PIZZA WITH CLASSIC CRUST 960 calories, PS13.99 | LARGE 13.5 INCH AMERICAN HOT PIZZA WITH CLASSIC CRUST 1,960 calories, PS17.99 EXTRA CALORIES 1,000 EXTRA COST PS4 A massive 104% more calories for just 28% more money y 104% 28% more cost more cals NANDOS | CHICKEN BREAST 298 calories, PS4.35 | CHICKEN 577 calories, PS7.10 EXTRA CALORIES 279 calories EXTRA COST PS2.35 A vast 93% more calories for a chicken feed 54% more money 93% 54% more cost more cals SUBWAY | ROTISSERIE STYLE CHICKEN 6IN SUB 329 calories, PS4.50 | ROTISSERIE STYLE CHICKEN FOOTLONG SUB 658 calories, PS6.50 EXTRA CALORIES 329 EXTRA COST PS2 Double the calories for just 44% cash Doub more 100% 44% more cost more cals ODEON CINEMA | SMALL 88G SWEET POPCORN 318 calories, PS4.35 | LARGE 200G SWEET POPCORN 816 calories, PS5.15 EXTRA CALORIES 500 EXTRA COST 80p That's 157% more calories for a small screen 18% extra cash or 8% h 157% 18% more cost more cals

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 8, 2017
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