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'Your Name.' Itomori lake location discovered by movie fan.

Google Maps has certainly made the world a lot smaller. Now, it can even be used to locate the real-life location of fictional landmarks.

A fan of the hit anime movie 'Your Name.' (Kimi no Na wa) discovered the real life location of Itomori using the famed web-mapping service

The fictional town of Itomori, where half of movie takes place, was set in Japan's Gifu Prefecture. Twitter user Kananone (kananone, @Kananone0214) analyzed film footage showing the film's distinct 'crater from the air' and found the would-be location of Itomori through Google Maps, according to a report on Hachima Kiko via SoraNews24.

The light blue circle drawn on the Google Maps image represents where Itomori would have been in if it were real. Image: Twitter/@kananone0214

The enchanting, fabled location is still within Gifu and the closest major landmark is a mountain called Nagarehayama. Based on Kananone's tweet, Itomori would have fit in the basin area formed by the slopes of Nagarehayama and a neighboring mountain called Oborayama.

This Google Maps screenshot shows a clearer image of the area where Itomori would have been. Image:

Judging by the satellite photo, the only knock is the absence of a lake town in this part of Gifu.

Instead, travellers can go to a wetlands area called the Ikegahara Marsh. It may not be as majestic as the fictional Itomori crater lake, but Ikegahara offers its own natural charm that may win over tourists just the same.

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