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'You've got EM radiation': Sigrity SI tool available as beta.

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Sigrity Inc. has released co-simulation software capable of advanced analysis capabilities for high-speed PCB and IC package design.

SPEED2000 performs full-wave EM simulation, for analyzing power delivery systems and signal integrity in high-density IC packages and high-speed PCBs. According to Sigrity (, the tool characterizes and optimizes the effectiveness of power and ground planes and distributed decoupling capacitors; avoids self-resonance in or between circuits, packages and boards; identifies and minimizes the effects of signal return path discontinuitines and simultaneous switching noise; and predicts EM radiation from packages and boards.

The software is integrated with Synopsys' HSPICE circuit simulator. for signal integrity analysis of PCBs. packages and IC devices.

The tool is available as a beta release and general availability Is expected by the end of March.

Edited by Mike Buetow
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Title Annotation:Design
Author:Buetow, Mike
Publication:Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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