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'Yet another wrist slap'.

ANOTHER thug released with a slap on the wrist. What will it take for a judge to accept that Gareth Metcalfe is a down-andout loser - convictions as long as his arm (35 convictions)? Apparently he has made great strides, but his actions don't speak good of his strides - beating a woman, involvement with drugs, attacking a vulnerable man - he doesn't know the meaning of the word stability.

Gareth It's very sad he lost his son, but I can't imagine he was or going to be a good example to him, going by his stupid inane face after his court appearance.

Not many people have gone through life without tragic events happening; it is not a licence to go out and create havoc. Does he have to commit a murder before he gets what he deserves, a tough harsh sentence? J TAYLOR, Saltburn MI5's admission is too little too late SO MI5 has accepted it made a mistake in not tracking the Manchester Arena bomber, in which 22 people lost their lives. MI5's complacency and lacklustre approach towards bomber Salman Abedi is of little comfort to those who lost loved ones.

This admission is too little too late, I'm afraid. I hope MI5 will learn from this gross mistake and to never for one second close its eyes again to the threat of terrorism lurking on the streets of Britain. Do one's job properly and hindsight is uncalled for.

Metcalfe KENNY SURTEES, Ormesby Here's an idea to clean up fly-tipping IT was gracious of the Labour Councillor Margaret Walters (Park Ward) to apologise to Mr Evans regarding his numerous reports of fly-tipping, directly to the council, but then going unheeded. She goes on to tell him that there are no less than three Labour councillors for that area - herself, Julia Rostron and Frances McIntyre - and that their home numbers are available on the council website, that complaints can be registered there and residents can also bring complaints to their ward surgeries at 6.30pm at night on certain days.

Can I suggest another way of ensuring that fly-tipping is dealt with quickly and efficiently without the need for residents to be involved at all? After all, we pay for the service via our council tax, so should we be expected to do part of the job ourselves? If they divide the ward up between the three of them, find out where the hot spots for fly-tipping are and inspect their part of the ward on a regular basis, they can then personally ensure that anything they find is removed.

CHARLES SAUNDERS, Middlesbrough Moneybag clubs will only play each other THE latest moves by the big moneybag football clubs to make themselves bigger moneybags by creating a "super league", is surely to the detriment of the rest of us football lovers.

In my opinion, despite the concentration on the few top clubs in our Premier League the only thing that sustains said league is the fight to stay in it.

So, if the rest have the bottle to tell these "biggies" go have your super league, but there will be no relegation back to this league.

This will leave them playing each other in friendlies. Forever and ever.

H SMITH, Eston Holiday parents send a poor message I AM amazed, disgusted, but not surprised that some people actually supported these two idiots who took their daughter on honeymoon whilst probably 100% aware of the consequences (The Gazette 21.11.18). I refuse to believe nobody mentioned this to them. They were wrong. It's that simple. Also, it sends out a message to the girl that rules don't matter. Yes, they do. They either didn't think, didn't care or wanted to blag it out. No sympathy for them.

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Gareth Metcalfe

Waiting one's turn, by Jim Humphrey, Normanby
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Nov 26, 2018
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