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'Wrights of the roundtable.

HARRISBURG, PENN.: Playwright Marjorie Bicknell always found it invigorating when fellow scribes in her region of Pennsylvania got together to share work and advice. But the enclave was "continually falling apart and regrouping somewhere else," she recalls. With colleagues Kevin Pry, Cindy Dlugolecki, Barbara Trainin Blank, Ken Byrnes and Stuart Landon, Bicknell has incorporated an official Playwrights Alliance of Pennsylvania. Its inaugural meetings this spring pulled in additional writers, including a novelist and a children's-book author turning their talents to the stage. The group has invited guests from the local theatre community to speak, and its first scheduled public event is coming up this November: an evening of staged readings by the membership as part of a "Colloquium on Terror" at Lebanon Valley College, where Pry is a professor. Pennsylvanians interested in getting involved should contact Bicknell at

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Title Annotation:NEWS IN BRIEF; Playwrights Alliance of Pennsylvania
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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