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'World Of Warcraft' 'PvP' Season 15 To End Soon, Plus Check Out The 'Brawler's Guild' Season Two Update And 'Lords Of War' Part Five Video [WATCH VIDEO].

Blizzard Entertainment's "World of Warcraft," or "WoW" has announced that the Player versus Player, or "PvP" Season 15 will end in two weeks' time. Aside from this, the "Brawler's Guild" Season 2 update was also announced after releasing the "Lords Of War" Part Five video featuring Vindicator Maraad on its official website. Read on to learn more about the latest "WoW" news.

Player Versus Player Season 15 Coming To An End:

( According to, the "World of Warcraft" "PvP" Arena and Rated Battleground Season 15 will end its run in two weeks and as soon as it is over, there will be a process that will be conducted to determine who is eligible for the end-of-season rewards. Below is a list of the things to consider and keep in mind regarding the "PvP" Season 15 rewards.

1. Avoid transferring your "WoW" characters to another faction or realm until after the "PvP" Season 15 has officially ended."

2. "PvP" Season 15 mounts and titles will be awarded after the season ends (approximately two weeks).

3. Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points at the end of the season.

4. If your "WoW" character has an Honor of above 4,000, it will be converted to in-game currency. The conversion rate is 35 silver per point.

Once the "WoW" "PvP" Season 15 ends, the Rated Battleground and Arena matches will not be available during the break between seasons. Also, the "PvP" Season 15 items with rating requirements cannot be purchased anymore. And, the Honor cap will remain at 4,000.

"Brawler's Guild" Season Two Update: also ( reports that the "Brawler's Guild" Season 1 will end as soon as the Patch 6.0.2 goes live. But, the good news is that it will have a Season 2 and it will coincide with the "Warlords of Draenor" ( launch on Nov. 13, 2014. Take a look at the list below to see the "Brawler's Guild" Season 2 update, including the changes that have been made.

1. All "Brawler's Guild" achievements earned before the release of Patch 6.0.2-Season One-will become legacy achievements. The new achievements for Season Two will replace the old ones.

2. Progression is back to 8 tiers.

3. Rewards that were earned based on progression can still be bought. Keep in mind that the ring reward will be updated in Patch 6.0.2. It will include valuable stats for all specializations.

4. Bosses that are being removed from previous tiers will be added to the challenge card vendor. It will be available as you progress.

5. Encounters with bosses will be adjusted for level 100 members.

6. Boss line-ups for all tiers have been re-shuffled. For example, Bruce, who used to be a rank 1 boss, is now a rank 5 boss.

7. Meatball can be brought back to the Garrison as a new follower after defeating him.

After the Patch 6.0.2 goes live, "Brawler's Guild" members will still keep their membership. "WoW" players who aren't members of "Brawler's Guild" yet can try to find a Blood-Soaked Invitation in the "Warlords of Draenor" expansion.

"Lords of War" Part Five:

In other "World of Warcraft" news, Blizzard Entertainment ( released the conclusion of the "Lords of War" animated lore miniseries. "Lords of War" Part Five features the story of Vindicator Maraad, a draenei champion/warrior of the Light. Maraad fought the first Horde's demonic orcs and saw how his people were killed in Shattrath. Click ( HERE to visit Vindicator Maraad's character page. Click ( HERE to watch all the episodes of the "Lords of War" animated lore miniseries.

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Watch The "Lords of War" Part Five - Maraad Video Below:


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