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'World's biggest' charpoy weaves community together in DG Khan.

ISLAMABAD -- A big charpoy in Dera Ghazi Khan's Khayaban-e-Sarwar has become a meeting place for community members, encouraging them to engage with one another over a cup of tea.

According to a private news channel report, the charpoy, which can accommodate up to 60 to 80 people at a time, has been placed in the area since last 20 years.

The mostly male-dominated space has become a landmark for the area residents, who believe it is world's biggest charpoy. One of the residents remarked: 'this is biggest himacha (local word for charpoy) in the world where all elders, children and young people interact. We demand this charpoy.

Another resident shared that people from different parts of the country come to see this charpoy, adding that it has a rich cultural history.

A man, sitting on the charpoy, remarked that the charpoy helps cements relationships among members of the community. 'It is a place for social gathering for the community and is located near the market,' he added.

The charpoy attracts people of all ages to discuss politics, sports and form new friendships. 'This himacha plays an important role in allowing others to become part of someone's happiness or sorrow.'

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Dec 22, 2017
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