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'Wine of Vardar River Valley' to slow down Macedonian wine exports.

The geographical indication 'Wine of Vardar River Valley' is going to slowdown Macedonian wine exports, agricultural economists caution. They appeal to wineries to launch immediately an aggressive campaign in foreign markets to explain to foreign consumers that it is the same taste and quality only under the brand of 'Wine of Vardar River Valley.' The geographical indication has been introduced in order to unblock this business, stuck as a result of the 2-decade long dispute regarding Macedonia's name.

Under the regulations, the Macedonian wine intended for export to the eurozone should have the euro 1 certificate as evidence that it originates in Macedonia. Under the European wine rules, classification is made by the origin of wine and the geographical indication. In Macedonia's case, what may cause a problem is the origin. Macedonian wine is currently being exported as Macedonia-made. Wine bottles will hereafter state two things: Wine of Vardar River Valley and Produced in Macedonia.

Greece registered part of its wine with the European Commission with the Macedonia geographical indication as early as 1989.
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Date:Jul 11, 2013
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