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'Win-Win' Is Not a Cliche.

India, March 14 -- If you think, 'win-win' is a cliche, think again. The power of this idea isn't often as obvious to people as it should be. Just consider the following: who would like to lose? Got it?

I strongly believe that 'playing Win-Win' is the key to success in one's personal and professional lives. What this means is not necessarily making compromises, but keeping an open mind and recognizing the other person has a right to his idea of how things should be in this world.

Personal experience is the best teacher and hence the firm belief. It is a no-brainer that everyone likes to win. No deal would get through if it does not result in a net win for either party/parties. When you play win-win, all parties involved are willing to understand the other perspectives and work out the best solution. This is applicable to customer-supplier, peer-to-peer as well as personal relationships.

I can think of two key areas related to the delivery of an IT solution, where if one always plays 'win-win' things will rarely go wrong. The first is the customer-supplier relationship where as customers, we demand technology solutions at the best prices. The second involves the relationship between technology or engineering teams as internal suppliers to the internal customers who are the end-users of the solution, within an organization.

In the former instance, if the negotiation is not right, subsequent support falters, impacting project delivery schedules and budgets. The latter is a less apparent and understood aspect, as it is critical that the end-user sees value in the outcome of the project and hence owns the solution. Projects that have end-user ownership seldom fail. While IT teams would demand a lot of end-user involvement, potentially causing conflicts with their regular work, it is important that the end-user sees value in the time being spent and effort being made. Working this out would remove one major stumbling block in IT projects.

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Publication:The CTO Forum
Date:Mar 14, 2011
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