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'Why Sango Worship Is Central To Yoruba Well-Being'.

How did you find yourself in Sango worship?

I was born into it. My parents were Sango devotees who did not worship any other being aside Sango.

What did they tell you about your journey to this position that you are now occupying?

I was told that when I was born, there was a sign which told them that I was a special being who must be preserved for propagation of sango.

At what stage of your life were you conscious of that sign?

Let me say I was officially initiated into the religion when I clocked 15.

What different did that initiation make in your life?

I observed that since then things started to change for me in better ways. I was a farmer and harvesting good crops.

Is Sango fetish?

sango is not fetish. sango is a religion on its own. You can see with me the devotees. We practice our religion as it is stipulated.

When and how do you worship Sango?

We worship Sango every five days known as Jakuta. But the month of august is Sango's annual festival. We use bitter kola, amala, local gin to worship. Sango forbids smoking of cigarette and frivolous talks during worship.

What are the features of an average Sango adherent?

He must not tell lies. He must not back- bite. He must not steal what does not be- long to him. He must not kill. He must not also snatch wife of another person. sango was a disciplinarian who did not tolerate misconduct. He was of high moral value.

You are also seen in red attires. Why red?

Red is the choice colour of Sango.

Some men also plait their hair. What does it mean?

Plaiting of hair by males was Sango's fashion style.

Is there any relationship between Sango devotees and Ogun or Ifa worshippers?

there is cordial relationship among all traditional worshippers.

Does it mean you can attend festival of Ogun worshippers?

Why not? We also invite them to our festival too. The problem we have is that traditional religion has suffered a lot of blackmail by imported religions. But because we are lovers of peace, we turn a deaf ear to them.

Is government doing enough for Sango worship?

Generally, the government is not treating us equally with Christians and Muslims. This is not fair in a country where we should all enjoy equal right under the law.

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Publication:Nigerian Tribune (Oyo State, Nigeria)
Date:Jan 29, 2019
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