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'Wedding reception' is a slice of local history.

Byline: Laura Davis

THE Wedding, the first in a series of five so-called Scouse Operas, will finally take to the stage at Port Sunlight in March.

The musical is being created by the theatre company Parrabolla, which specialises in community shows.

The Wedding, to be staged at Hulme Hall, promises to be rather different, with the audience seated at tables complete with meals at which a wedding reception is taking place.

It will be a tribute to Price's Candles, the Bromborough factory which closed last year after surviving from the mid-19th century.

The company created its own village and provided employment for generations of workers.

Parrabolla and co-producers, the Wirral-based Aspire Trust, have been talking to former workers at the factory, collecting anecdotes and historic memories for the show.

Philip Parr, artistic director of Parrabolla, says they went to the last annual pensioners' dinner at Hulme Hall and realised that the hall would make a great location for a community play.

"The place had a real resonance for the workers because it was a place with a lot of associations for them and close to the factory.

"When we make a piece like this, we find it is often best outside a conventional theatre space. One thing they do a lot there is wedding receptions, so that seemed a good way of using the location."

The plan is to have an in-theround opening section in one room and the wedding reception in the main room. "The characters will be spread around the top table and the reception itself and the audience will also become characters."

It will allow scriptwriter Brian Abbott to look at the factory's history from a contemporary perspective.

The show will be officially launched on Sunday, January 9, at 3.30pm at Oldershaw School, Liscard, where locals can see how the piece is shaping up and apply to be participants.

The show will be the first of five community musicals planned for Merseyside over the next five years.


Rehearsals for The Wedding
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 14, 2010
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