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'We are waiting until the market hits the bottom of the trough before buying so we can save' ECONOMY.

Cautious couple Ian Ferguson and Deborah De Lloyd toyed with trading in their two-bedroom house for a three for more than a year - but so far have not taken the leap.

Deborah, 36, a housing officer, is a dressmaker in her spare time and the couple - who have no children - confess their small terraced house in Splott has been taken over by scraps of material and pins.

"The house really just has one bedroom, the other one is tiny, there's hardly room for Deb's sewing machine. You can't go in there without stabbing your feet on pins," said Ian.

"We've been looking for a house with three decent-sized bedrooms so we can have a guest room and Deb can have space for her dressmaking.

"But she is on a contract and we don't know if it will be extended, and then there is no point looking to finalise a move when there is still a downturn.

"We are waiting until the market hits the bottom of the trough before buying so we can save the most money."

The pair have good reason to be cautious. Ian, 36, works as a homelessness adviser for a South Wales council and every day he sees people whose lives have been devastated by the floundering property market.

"In my job you're acutely aware of the problems people are facing.

"Our property is likely to be bought by a first-time buyer and if that is the case then that person will have to find a mortgage from somewhere.

"We are cautious about the idea of selling and not having somewhere to go. The different considerations are dizzying. But my job makes me realise that we are very lucky to have choices, to have options and somewhere to live."


CAUTIOUS: Ian Ferguson and his girlfriend Debbie DeLloyd pictured by their two-bedroomed home in Splott, Cardiff PICTURE: Andrew Davies
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 12, 2009
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