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'Volume' Enemies Showcased In New Trailer.

A new stealth game based on the legend of Robin Hood, "Volume" comes from the mind of Mike Bithell, the creator of the game "Thomas Was Alone," who unveiled a new trailer for the game via(http://http// IGN . This trailer showcases the various enemies and obstacles the player will face when playing the game.

With the game's focus on stealth and hiding, it should be no surprise that "Volume" will not have any combating. The new "Volume" trailer shows off exactly that, with the protagonist hiding in various corners to remain unnoticed by the brutish-looking enemies that haunt the almost dreamlike environments.

The first two "Volume" enemies shown in the trailer are the Pawn and the Turret. These two enemies were originally shown in a playable demo according to (http://http// Destructoid and appear to be the first two enemies that the player will encounter. They also seem to be the easiest as the Pawn has a very limited range view, with the Turret having only a slightly bigger range view than the Pawn.

In terms of new enemies, The Knight is much more threatening than the other two. Having a slightly larger range view, it disappears once the player is spotted and The Knight enters a blind rage as it frantically attacks the opponent with a close-range weapon. Another new enemy is The Rogue, who has the largest range view from the rest of the pack. The Rogue looks to be the hardest to out maneuver, resulting in the player working twice as hard to give this enemy the slip.

One new enemy given only a short amount of screen time is The Hound. This enemy is a small dog that will be looking for you and will alert guards once it catches you, making this enemy more than a minor hindrance to the player. Given the lack of time, it is unclear if The Hound will be relentlessly looking for the protagonist or only if it's close by.

Lastly is The Archer. This enemy sports a long distance range view along with long range attacks. Once spotted, The Archer will fire arrows on the player. It looks like the player will have an easier time out maneuvering The Archer, once closer to the fiend.

"Volume" has an unspecified 2015 release date and will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC and Mac. The game will also feature voice acting from former Destructoid editor Jim Sterling and renowned actor Andy Serkis from "Lord of the Rings" and "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes."


(http://http// Enemy Reveal Trailer (Credits: Youtube/Mike Bithell)

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Date:Jan 13, 2015
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