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'Umano' narrates news articles to help you multi-task.

Shaden Abdulrahman

I'm going to share one of my secrets and it involves an awesome that I use all the time to help me with writing my articles: Umano

Umano is a news-reading service that allows you to listen to the latest articles from the most popular and trusted newspapers and Websites such as the Huffington Post, Lifehacker, Medium, WSJ, The Guardian among many others. Why I really love it: it allows me to listen to a customized playlist of news articles while driving to work (or anywhere else) everyday and even has a driving mode that displays audio controls in large fonts and huge icons to speed, play, share, like or go to the next article.

Using Umano is very easy and only requires you to decide where you get your news from and/or your interest topics by adding channels or searching for a specific one. The only downside here is that you can't add just any newspaper or news Website you like, it has to exist on Umano.

After you're done with selecting channels, go to the "Stories" tab and start listening. You only have to add your favorite channels once but you can always go to the "My Channels" tab and add, remove or search for channels.

Other cool features include the ability to view article's text and download any recording (only for premium accounts). In addition, you can use your phone normally while listening.

And as an extra in-app fun, you can always go to "More" and tap on "My Activity" to have an idea about your listening habits. You'll see a graph titled "Listens by Category", which displays your most listened to category and a second graph titled "Favorite Publishers" which displays your most listened to newspaper/magazine/Website. This section will also show you how many likes did you make, how many articles you listened to and how much time you spent listening!

If there's any disadvantage to using Umano, it would be the inability to listen to just any article you see on the Web as it has to be chosen by Umano's team and narrated by one of Umano's professional narrators but of course, that's only normal.

Umano is available in the iOS store as well as Android's. You can also use the Web version anytime.

Do you use any app to help you with writing articles?

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Publication:Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Date:Aug 6, 2014
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