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 WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. News & World Report has teamed up with the CompuServe Information Service to launch a significant venture into the future of publishing and electronic media. U.S. News will offer an interactive family of services scheduled to be available on CompuServe by the end of the year. U.S. News is the first national weekly newsmagazine to join CompuServe.
 The U.S. News service will offer news stories and other information selected from the magazine to be available the weekend before the magazine reaches subscribers. The current issue content will be part of CompuServe's basic service. U.S. News Online will also offer a unique opportunity for readers and other CompuServe members to communicate directly with U.S. News' editorial staff.
 "We take our readers' views and opinions very seriously, and going online is a perfect way to stay in touch with the people we serve," said Merrill McLoughlin, U.S. News co-editor. "CompuServe is the ideal place for us to do that because its members are so similar to our readers -- intelligent, thoughtful and vocal. We were also impressed with CompuServe's solid track record of delivering information to consumers."
 CompuServe is the leading worldwide online information service for personal computer users, reaching nearly 1.5 million members in 120 countries. It is also the fastest growing computer service, with more than 400,000 people expected to be added this year. It offers 1,700 databases and services through easy-to-use graphic interfaces for Macintosh, Windows and DOS.
 "U.S. News recognizes the value of increased interaction with its readers," said Kevin Knott, CompuServe director of product marketing. "Through CompuServe, U.S. News will offer a dynamic extension of the magazine, enabling its readers and CompuServe members to interact with an award-winning editorial team."
 "U.S. News Online is a natural extension of our magazine that will help us provide more information and services to current readers, attract new readers and enter the world of new emerging technologies," Co-Editor Michael Ruby said. "CompuServe is known as the information service you won't outgrow. That fits with our readers who expect solid information and analysis from us."
 On U.S. News Online, CompuServe members will have an opportunity to sample the week's news stories electronically, including the popular "News You Can Use" section; annual guides, such as the America's Best Colleges guide, which includes school rankings, and the Money Guide; the "Outlook" section of shorter articles; and columns. Readers will also be able to obtain additional information about articles in the magazine, search for stories in past issues, view U.S. News' charts, graphs and photos, post letters to the editor intended for publication, and order subscriptions to the magazine.
 U.S. News Online users will also have the opportunity to interact directly with the magazine's writers and editors through a series of electronic forums on topics such as politics, international affairs, business, science and culture. The magazine plans to have special weekly forums on topics related to important stories in the magazine, as well as occasional live "chats" with selected reporters, editors, newsmakers and outside experts.
 The CompuServe Information Service provides its worldwide membership with databases and services to meet both business and personal interests. CompuServe can be accessed by any modem-equipped personal computer using the CompuServe Information Manager graphical interface or any general telecommunications software.
 U.S. News & World Report is the only weekly national newsmagazine devoted entirely to reporting and analyzing national and international affairs -- in government, politics, military, business and social culture -- and, in a "News You Can Use" section, providing practical advice on how to live smarter and better. The magazine has a readership of nearly 12.5 million.
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 /CONTACT: Celeste James, 202-955-2229, or Joanne Rome, 202-955-2578, both of U.S. News & World Report, or Debra Young of CompuServe, 614-538-4553/

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