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'Tzena Tzena' Composer Issachar Miron Dies at 95.

Issachar Miron, composer of the ubiquitous song "Tzena Tzena," died January 29 at 95, according to a New York Times obituary published this week. Just as the optimistic military anthem has been played the world over, Miron led a life spreading the joys of Jewish music wherever he went.

Miron, born Stefan Michrovsky in Poland, emigrated to Israel as a young man after losing his entire family in the Holocaust. He originally co-wrote "Tzena Tzena" as a soldier in the Jewish Brigade of the British Army in Palestine. The anthem has been sung in nearly 40 languages, and was notably popularized in the United States by Pete Seeger and the Weavers.

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Author:Geselowitz, Gabriela
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Article Type:Obituary
Date:Mar 2, 2015
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