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'Try talking to a stranger,' say netizens.

Summary: Social media users shared the benefits of striking a chat with a stranger

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Social media users shared the benefits of striking a chat with a stranger.

'Try talking to a stranger,' say netizens

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Strike a conversation with a stranger, you'll be surprised

Social media users shared the benefits of striking a chat with a stranger. Some shared their experiences doing so at different places, like public transport.

@mariahsophiaf:I feel better when i talk to strangers.

@KathrynBertine: Listen to me, people. Next time you're in an airport, put down your phone. Remove your earbuds. Talk to strangers. Amazing connections & friendships can happen.

@__Ranen__: I quite like the idea of a space in which talking to someone new isn't frowned upon

@kat_holland: Experimenting with what kind of an invitation people need to talk to their neighbours... question why is it so weird to talk to 'strangers'? #community

@Stelladmarco: British research finds: those who talk to strangers habitually, are happier.

@charliemuss: Research shows that we underestimate the positive impact talking to strangers could have on our well-being

Older people retired from work often mention that they miss the small talk about the everyday. Need more informal situations for random encounters...

@samthom90: One of the great things about being from Sheffield is that you'll always have a chat with a stranger when waiting for the bus. Such a rarity these days but something I always value.

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Publication:Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)
Date:Jun 20, 2019
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