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'Titanfall 2' Frontier Defense DLC Release Date Announced.

More details about "Titanfall 2's" next DLC have been revealed. Find out what features and maps it will include below.

This week, developer Respawn Entertainment is proud to confirm that the much awaited Frontier Defense update is real, and it is scheduled for release on all platforms next week. Respawn has also revealed more details about the free update in its latest ( blog post.


Frontier Defense is going to add a four-player co-op horde mode into the Electronic Arts-published first-person shooter. Additionally, players will have to defend their Harvester from five waves of increasingly difficult enemies in this mode. Apart from protecting their Harvester, killing enemies will allow them to earn cash, which they could then use in purchasing items like Arc Traps and Batteries, among others.

The upcoming DLC also features five difficulty settings, namely: Easy, Regular, Hard, Master and Insane. The last difficulty setting will actually exist as a separate Featured Mode tile. More details about these settings will be announced soon.

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"Titanfall 2's" upcoming update will launch with five maps: Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Rise and Blackwater Canal. For now though, Respawn has only showcased Rise, which pertains to an abandoned desert reservoir that has very tall walls and a system of zip lines that Pilots can take advantage of to move around quickly. Titans, on the other hand, can do their battles in the long corridors below the zip lines.

Respawn has said that it will show off more of the DLC in an upcoming tutorial video, so it's possible that the other four maps will be detailed by then. The developer has also indicated that it is still testing additional maps. Hence, it will most likely add more maps in the future.

Release Date

Frontier Defense is set to arrive on July 25. While its maps and modes are going to be accessible for free, other cosmetic items that will come with it will be for sale. For instance, the Elite Warpaint weapon skins are going to be made available for purchase with this DLC. Fans can also buy the Elite Warpaint Titan skins, but Respawn is only giving them until Aug. 28 to decide if they'll be securing the skins for their Titans. After which, the skins will no longer be available.

Free Trial

In line with the imminent launch of the free update, Respawn is hosting another free trial that will take place from July 28 through 30. In this trial, players will be provided access to the training gauntlet, The Beacon and the single player mission, as well as full access to multiplayer. Respawn is also encouraging players to download the demo version to start training and access The Beacon ahead of the free trial.

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"Titanfall Assault"

Aside from the next update, Respawn is also hard at work in developing another real-time strategy game that's based on the "Titanfall" universe. Called "Titanfall Assault," the mobile game will be released in partnership with Nexon and Particle City. Respawn says it has been running betas so far, and it plans to showcase the game later this week.
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