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'There's a lot more flooding on the way ...'.

THE FLOODS this week are yet more evidence that global warming is causing the weather to go haywire, according to expert predictions.

The Met Office has warned that similar flooding could become more frequent as Britain faces more rain and more intense storms.

The director of the Met Office's Hadley Centre for Climate Research, Alan Thorpe, said current research showed Britain would have wetter winters and, in northern areas, slightly wetter summers. "The number of days of very heavy rain could increase substantially so the risk of flooding is likely to increase."

The director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Research at the University of East Anglia, Dr Mike Hulme, said that although this week's floods could not be directly linked to global warming, they were evidence that the climate has been altered by the 0.6 deg Celsius rise in world temperature over the past 100 years.

"We have a high level of confidence that human pollution in the atmosphere has a significant role to play in that warming. and we know that these sorts of changes in global climate have a number of regional manifestations.

"Here in Britain these manifestations will be increased rainfall, especially from October to April."
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Oct 14, 2000
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