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'The sound was so sharp and the tinnitus was unnoticeable'.

Aconversation with a friend proved lifechanging for Soozie Copley after suffering with a noise like 'Niagara Falls' in her ears for years.

She had suffered from tinnitus following a childhood illness and had also developed age-related hearing loss, yet she struggled to find the right support.

When discussing her problems and the lack of help she had encountered with Judith Glasgow, her friend was keen to help. Judith a former teacher had also struggled to find effective hearing aids after finding it hard to hear when she was in groups.

Yet she had found her hearing was greatly improved after visiting Amplifon, so she suggested Soozie give them a try too.

"It was a conversation that changed my life," says Soozie. "Judith gave me a wonderful recommendation and the treatment I received was just as amazing."

As well as suffering from tinnitus, Soozie, a former theatre worker,was struggling to hear certain consonant sounds. It had led to her having to ask people in shops to repeat themselves, but she was impressed with the testing process offered at Amplifon.

"The audiologist was marvellous," she says."The test was much more detailed than I'd had before and he allowed me to try lots of different hearing aids until we found a pair that would suit and help my tinnitus. When I first put the hearing aids in it was wonderful."

The extensive consultation had revealed that one of Soozie's ear canals was narrower than the other, so one of the aids was altered to make sure it fitted.

Two years after having her hearing aids, a follow-up test found there had been no deterioration in her hearing.

Soozie now goes back to her local branch every six months for the aids to be cleaned thoroughly and she says the aftercare has been second-to-none. "Nothing is ever a problem for them and they're always so welcoming," she says.

Such was her experience, she has since urged other friends to seek help from Amplifon and adds: "Now I have the 'Rolls-Royce' of hearing aids I've never looked back. The sound is so sharp and the tinnitus is unnoticeable."

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 31, 2017
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