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'The past year has been hell.. we don't know how she's the strength to carry on' NADINE EXCLUSIVE: 2010 TIMELINE.


TEARFUL Nadine Coyle has told pals she is reeling after a year from hell.

The past 12 months have seen the Girls Aloud babe snubbed by her former bandmates and humiliated when her debut single flopped.

Her tour was cancelled, Tesco scrapped plans to release her second single, and she split from her management.

Nadine's entire family almost died in a gas leak, she was slammed for her drastic weight loss, and her relationship with fiance Jason Bell was rumoured to be on the rocks.

Worst of all, it was revealed that Jason is a violent thug who slashed another man's face open in a bloody bar brawl.

Now, after reports her dad is facing EUR45,000 tax debts and could lose the bar which he runs - Nadine's Irish Mist - the troubled beauty told friends she doesn't know how much more she can take.

One worried pal revealed: "The past 12 months have been a living nightmare for Nadine. Almost everything that you can imagine can go wrong, did go wrong.

"Everyone close to her is worried about her. She puts on a brave face in public but falls apart behind closed doors.

"After everything she's been through, we don't know how she has the strength to carry on."

Friends reveal Nadine was crushed when her solo career hit the skids.

An insider said: "She had such high hopes for her single Insatiable but it tanked and her album didn't even scrape into the Top 40.

"She's always played down any rumours of rivalry with Cheryl but it has to hurt when your single enters the charts at number 26 when she came straight in at number one with Promise This the week before.

"Now it looks like her solo career is finished just four months after it started."

But worst of all was the proof the man she loves is a violent bully.

Our source added: "There are constantly rumours flying around that Nadine and Jason are finished.

"Twice this past year it was in all the papers that they'd split, and she's sick of defending their relationship to the media.

"So when it came out that he had savaged another man in a fight, it was a massive blow. Nadine always publicly stands by her man but the pictures of his victim would make anybody stop and think."

At times like these, a Girl needs a shoulder to cry on but Nadine's bandmates have turned their backs on the Derry star.

A friend said: "The rest of Girls Aloud couldn't make it any more obvious that they want nothing to do with Nadine. They never bothered to visit her when they were in LA, even though they know that's where she lives.

"She wasn't invited to see Cheryl at X Factor or to Sarah's engagement party. Nicola admitted they hadn't spoken to her in months. They are making it very clear she's out in the cold.

"Cheryl didn't even respond to Nadine's text when she got in touch to find out how she was after her malaria. What hurts the most is Nadine was the best singer in the group, by far.

"Her vocals held Girls Aloud together but she's the only one not to reap the rewards of being in the band.

"With her solo career effectively over, she needs to know they'll let her back in the band. But it looks like she's still being punished and she doesn't know why.

"Nadine had a brush with death last year which left her terrified, not just for herself, but for her family.

"The gas leak in her home in California had been going on for four months, it had been making her entire family sick, and could have killed them.

"It really scares her to think she came so close to death without knowing it."

Pals say the brunette stunner hoped 2011 would be the start of a new run of luck for her but instead it looks like her months of misery aren't over yet.

A source said: "She's split from her management and found out her bar could go under, all in the space of weeks.

"This run of bad luck seemed to start in March last year when everyone was slagging her off for being too thin.

"It'll be March again in a week, the year will be up, and we're hoping the bad luck will end then too.

"We've all got our fingers crossed for her because we don't know how much more she can take."

MARCH 2010 - Stick-thin Nadine is slammed for her super-slender figure and accused of having an eating disorder, which she denies.

Cheryl travels to LA, but doesn't meet up with her former bandmate, despite the fact Nadine now lives in the city.

APRIL 2010 - Nicola Roberts reveals none of the Girls Aloud babes have spoken to Nadine since the previous autumn. She said: "If I'm really honest, we haven't spoken to Nadine since we did the Coldplay gig at Wembley in September."

AUGUST 2010 - Nadine's dad Niall admits she is heartbroken that the Girls snubbed her when they were in LA.

He said: "When the rest of the girls are in town, they don't contact Nadine. You can understand why she may feel left out. They know where she is and don't call."

Rumours fly that she has split from boyfriend Jason Bell

SEPTEMBER 2010 - Nadine's world is shattered when the Irish Sunday Mirror exclusively reveals her boyfriend's violent past. Our shock pictures show the bloody face of the victim he bottled in a vicious bar brawl.

OCTOBER 2010 - Defiant Nadine gets engaged to Jason but only one of her Girls Aloud bandmates, Nicola Roberts, bothers to congratulate her.

The beauty is the only Girl not invited to Cheryl Cole's debut of Promise This on the X Factor.

NOVEMBER 2010 - Nadine's debut single Insatiable flops, hitting the charts at 26, the week after Cheryl goes straight in at No1. Album Tangled Up fails to scrape into the Top 40. Plans for a tour are scrapped. She reveals her entire family, including herself and Jason, were almost killed by a gas leak in her Californian mansion. Her relationship with Jason is rumoured to be on the rocks after she is spotted without her ring.

JANUARY 2011 - Tesco shelve plans to release a second single from disastrous Tangled Up.

Sarah Harding invites all the other Girls to her engagement bash but snubs Nadine.

FEBRUARY 2011 - Nadine parts company with her management in a desperate attempt to revamp her flagging career.

Her dad faces tax debts of EUR45,000, and is warned Nadine's Irish Mist bar, which she owns, will be seized if he doesn't pay up within five years.


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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 20, 2011
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