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'The Social Network' Writer Aaron Sorkin Apologises For Hurting The Feelings Of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg.

"The Social Network's" writer, Aaron Sorkin, said he's sorry if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg did not like how he was portrayed in the movie. This was after the young self-made mogul expressed his hurt feelings over the movie.

Aaron Sorkin just told ( Today that he is sorry about how Zuckerberg felt with the movie. Earlier this year, Zuckerberg, a Harvard dropout who made his name for coming up and founding Facebook, admitted that "The Social Network" casted him and the company's co-founders in an unfavourable and unflattering light. Moreover, it hurt him.

"They just kind of made up a bunch of stuff that I found really hurtful," Zuckerberg said during Facebook's first town hall Q and A. "They made up this whole plot line about how I somehow decided to create Facebook to attract girls."

Zuckerberg believes that the plot line was created for entertainment purposes because the reality was not as entertaining and fun to watch. He said the real story is hard work, and if the writer was serious about showing the origins of Facebook, then they have to shoot someone who's working two hours straight just coding in the computer. Zuckerberg also said that even with the film's popularity, he still did not have the pleasure of meeting the person who penned his supposed life into a movie.

Aaron, hearing Zuckerberg's ill feelings about the movie, was quick to offer an apology. On ( Today , where he was talking about the final season of his HBO show, "The Newsroom," Sorkin said his sympathies are with Zuckerberg. He did not say sorry to Zuckeberg, or addressed Zuckeberg's claims that the film has a lot of madeup stuff, but said he is sorry that the film hurt the Facebook founder's feelings.

He added that he even understands what Zuckerberg is going through and why he's hurt. He added that he personally would not want a movie made out of the things he did when he was just 19 years old. He added that the movie was not designed to intentionally hurt Zuckerberg's feelings.

Made up or not, the movie did really well. By capturing the drama behind Facebook's origins and depicting Zuckerberg's falling out with his friend and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Severin, who later filed a lawsuit over his stake in the company, the movie won several awards.

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Date:Nov 16, 2014
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