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'The Sims 4' First Game Pack Outdoor Retreat: New Locations, New Clothing, New Gameplay And New Items.

"The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat" game pack is expected to be released on January 2015 to bring several new features. It includes new gameplay mechanics, new objects and new clothing centralised on the outdoor theme.

'The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat' Game Pack For January 2015

EA and Maxis officially ( announced the first game expansion for fourth instalment of "The Sims 4" called "The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat" game pack. According to the official website of the game, a Game Pack seems to replicate Stuff Packs back during the days of "The Sims 2" focusing on how players can customise stories in the game. Stuff Packs are mainly focused on a specific theme which can affect clothing, hairstyles, furniture and even decor. Here are some Stuff Packs released for "The Sims 2" nine years ago:

- Happy Holiday which added mechanics for holidays such as Christmas and New Year.

- IKEA Home Stuff which added new furniture and decoration based on designs associated with the Swedish furniture chain IKEA.

- H&M Fashion Stuff which added several new clothing inspired from real H&M designs.

- Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff which added new clothing and accessories that matched new kitchen and bathroom items.

- Mansion & Garden Stuff which added new items for building mansions and gardens found in both Buy and Build modes.

"The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat" has promising new gameplay features, new objects and new clothing based on its focused theme. So far, here are the things which players can expect on its release next year that will improve Sims stories:

1. Visit and explore new destinations including the Granite Falls.

2. New gameplay possibilities in the woods.

3. Perform campfire songs.

4. Do some weenie roasts.

5. Wear bear costumes.

For now, players can download the latest free patch for December 2014 which adds two new career paths focused on business and athletic professions. Players will need to wait until January 2015 and prepare $20 to purchase a copy of "The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat."

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Date:Dec 22, 2014
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