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'The Blacklist' Episode 14: 'Madeline Pratt' Spoilers and Scheduled Air Date.

The previous episode, "The Cyprus Agency," of "The Blacklist" outed Diane as the mole. Once Red knew that she is the informant, only one fate awaited her. It was her death. Red killed her. Diane tried to stop her eventual death by telling him that she knew what happened that night and what happened to his family. However, this move did not stop Red, as he said to Diane, if she knows, there is a possibility that someone else also knows.

"The Cyprus Agency" delivered a content that must have made fans eager to watch the next episode. This news might disappointment them. The new episode of "The Blacklist" is scheduled to air on February 24, 2014. NBC is stopping its telecast because of Winter Olympics.

However, NBC has released a brief synopsis of episode 14. The episode is called "Madeline Pratt." According to NBC's official synopsis, "a femme fatale from Red's past sets the FBI on a snipe hunt, requiring Liz to use hidden talents."

"The Blacklist" has roped in Jennifer Ehle to guest-star in "Madeline Pratt." ( The Hollywood Reporter (THR) reports that Ehle will play the woman on the blacklist, Madeline Pratt. She and Red have a past history. THR report describes her as a "formidable businesswoman."

In this episode, Zach Grenier will also have a guest-role. THR says that his character will be called Novak. This character will be shown working at a taxidermy workshop. However, Novak's real job is dealing with "an underworld of rare and exotic antiques," according to THR.

"Madeline Pratt" might also show the growing distance between Tom and Liz, while Tom gets close to Jolene. Also, it might not come as a surprise if Red ends-up killing some more, and Lady Mr Kaplan appearing to clean-up and fix his mess.

( TV Line reports that Dianne Wiest will be appearing in episode 15 of "The Blacklist." This episode is called "The Judge." The veteran actress will be playing the role of a "sympathetic head" of an organisation fighting against death penalty, Amnesty United.
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Date:Jan 31, 2014
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