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'The Bachelor' Arie's Winner Was Engaged To Pro Athlete.

With "The Bachelor" well into its Season 22 run, viewers have started picking who they think will end up with star Arie Luyendyk Jr. come the finale. One of those lucky contestants appears to be Lauren Burnham, or, as she referred to on the ABC show, Lauren B.

[Warning: This post contains "The Bachelor" 2018 spoilers.]

Spoilers indicate that Lauren will make it until "The Bachelor" finale before being eliminated by Arie. However, she won't be single for too long. Despite Arie reportedly proposing to Becca K., reports state the former professional race car driver has since broken off his engagement with Becca in favor of being with Lauren.

"Arie ended his engagement with Becca a little over a week ago and is now dating Lauren," Reality Steve, a long known "Bachelor" spoiler blogger, ( dished late last month.

While it's unclear if Arie and Lauren are engaged, or even actually together, if they do decide to get married, it wouldn't be Lauren's first engagement. The site has ( uncovered that Lauren has been engaged before, and to another professional athlete no less.

In July 2016, Lauren got engaged to minor league hockey star Chris Crane. The couple was scheduled to marry on July 8, 2017, but rumor has it Lauren ended their engagement five months prior. Reality Steve was able to uncover photos of the couple's engagement day, which can be viewed ( here . The images show Lauren holding a puppy with a big red bow and embracing Chris as family and friends presumably look on.

The former couple has since deleted their The Knot wedding registry but their registry on Crate & Barrel is ( still available . 

While "The Bachelor" elimination spoilers already reveal how far Lauren will make it in the competition, there are still several episodes of the season remaining. Viewers will next watch as Lauren takes to Paris with Arie's nine other remaining women. It is there she'll get her first one-on-one date in the City of Love.

A sneak peek of ( episode 6 shows the other girls being jealous over her romantic outing with Arie. "I don't like what I see," one unidentified contestant can be heard saying in the clip. "I don't like it."

"I think that, honestly, Arie wants to be challenged," Krystal adds. "But you can take the easy way out and have like, a Lauren B., or someone like super soft... Is he really looking for like a strong women? Like a woman, not like a young little girl."

"The Bachelor" Season 22, episode 6 airs Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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