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'Tawdry'monument visit blasted.

An article in a Sunday newspaper criticising the state of the Wallace Monument was dismissed by the Observer as a'piece of stunt journalism'.

A Canadian-Scot had written to the paper complaining about the bedraggled appearance of the monument and claiming it dishonoured Scotland's greatest patriot.

A'special commissioner'was dispatched by the Sunday paper to see if the letter writer's comments were true. Entering the ground-floor the journalist said he found'not exhibits and relics glorifying Scotland's hero but a grim and tawdry place more like an amusement arcade'. He went on accuse Stirling Town Council of'cheapening' the monument.

However, the Observer pointed out that while the council were custodians of the monument, its operation was leased to the highest bidder.

Cash from the'amusement arcade'went towards providing a livelihood for those operating the monument.

And the Observer felt claims that it had been turned into an amusement arcade were exaggerated. Amusement there comprised a weighing machine, two penny-in-the-slot machines, a soda fountain and postcards.

The paper accused the rival's reporter of visiting the monument on a fault-finding mission and being blind to the monument's real attractions such as its 'magnificent'view from the top, Hall of Heroes and Wallace-related exhibits and relics on other floors.

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Publication:Stirling Observer (Stirling, Scotland)
Date:Jul 19, 2019
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