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'TEEN KILLER' FACES BONE MARROW TEST TO FIND HIS TRUE AGE; Turkish court order over holiday murders.


A JUDGE in Turkey has ordered a murder suspect to have a medical test to determine if he is a man or a boy.

Recep Cetin is accused of stabbing to death Irish friends Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore while they were enjoying a sunshine holiday in August.

Now the Turkish authorities want to know in which court to hold the trial.

If his claims that he was only 17 at the time of the attack are true, he will be tried in a juvenile court and if found guilty, the sentence will be modest.

However, if as the prosecution claims, he was 18 or older on that day in the summer he will be tried in an adult court and could face a life-long jail term.

Before the trial starts, Cetin will have to have a painful medical procedure where a plug of bone marrow will be removed from his hip and tested to establish his age.

A bone biopsy examination is usually carried out to diagnose diseases such as cancer or anaemia but medical experts plan to use the information from the marrow aspiration to estimate his age.

It is understood Cetin has no birth certificate and that his age has been approximated by his family, a situation which is not unusual in Turkey.

Yesterday his former girlfriend Shannon gave evidence for an hour in a three-hour long preliminary court hearing in Izmir and said her mother had wanted to take her home to Newry, Co Down. She also paid tribute to her mum Marion and told the court she was "deeply saddened" by the murders.

She added that Cetin had never asked to marry her or to get engaged.

However, she believed her mother wanted her to leave Turkey and not come back because of her relationship with Mr Cetin.

She claimed this may have motivated him to kill her mother and Kathy. The prosecution plan to claim that Cetin murdered the women because he wanted to marry his teenage girlfriend but her mother refused to listen to his pleas.

Shannon said Cetin had never asked for her hand and her mother did not want her to travel back to Turkey.

She told the court she believed it was this situation that had been the JAuthorities motivation behind the brutal murder of the friends.

Marion and Kathy, of Warrenpoint, were found stabbed to death in woods while Shannon was on a boat trip with a pal, organised by Cetin.

She had been dating the waiter for a number of years and he claimed he had wanted to marry her.

Cetin has been in a high security detention centre since being accused of stabbing the women at a wooded spot around 60 miles from their Kusadasi holiday apartment.

During the hearing, the Graham's family lawyer said Cetin claimed he was attacked by her mother Marion and that he defended himself.

He has also claimed that he can remember nothing else of what happened during the incident in the woods.

Lawyers for Cetin claim that he acted in self-defence but the lawyer for the Graham and Dinsmore families said he did not believe this defence was logical.

Following Cetin's medical procedure, the Turkish authorities plan to start the hearing in February.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 30, 2011
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