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'Syrian Actresses Are Not Overshadowed' Al Bawaba Exclusive Interview With Kinda Hanna.

Interview by Sohaib Al Hadid

Foreword and Translation by Zaid Bawab

Syrian actress Kinda Hanna who is now in her mid-thirties is keen to exercise and is in her fittest form physically nowadays based on her social media posts but is she currently in her best state psychologically and creatively?

Check Al Bawaba's exclusive interview with the excellent actress who has three children yet can still pass as a university student on screen.

How are you managing between your family life and your acting work, and is it hard?

I really don't know, it just happens, I always try to manage my time properly so that I am ready when work actually comes up. My Family and my husband's family are always around me and they never leave me on my busy working days, and specially Enshirah, my husband (Naji)'s sister, she always stays with the kids when I travel, that is why it is not that hard for me.

(Source: kindahannaofficial - Instagram)

You did not appear in any of Ramadan series this year?

I did not act in any series in the past Ramadan season, yet I started to shoot some scenes in a pan Arab series in Tunisia, and the production company will announce more details about the project with time.

What is the favorite character you portrayed so far, and why?

Bissan, Samiha, Abla, Shahd, Khaton, Tala, Lamees, AlAabaseh, Sarah, those are all names of characters that I loved, because in every character there is a part that resembles me that I tried to work on and audiences liked them and sympathized with them.

I tried to be real in my portrayal of those characters and I hope that managed to reach to the audience who loved many of these characters, which gave me lots of confidence and I trust even more now that the audience feels those small casual details you could add to the character. I believe that was the key that made me build a fan base that I am pretty proud of.

(Source: kindahannaofficial - Instagram)

Is there a series that captured your attention and you felt like you wanted to play a part in last year?

There are many series that I thought were nice last year like "Shababeek", "Haron Al Rasheed" and "Al Hayba" and and I was in two of those three with stars that I did not act with for a while like Qussay Al Khouli, Ahmed Al Ahmed and brilliant director Samer Barqawi, so I was happy and satisfied with that.

Who is the actor or actress you wish to act with, in lead roles in a film or series?

In Cairo Film Festival and in the opening of the film "Damascus Aleppo" that is directed by brilliant director Basel Al-Khatib and respectable actors like Dored Lahham, I met with Egyptian star Wafaa Amer, that was extremely warm to the heart and she made it feel like I am in my home country and I loved her deeply.

Stars Elham Shahin and Layla Elwi also amazed me with how humble and loving they are, so if I am in a series or a film with those three actresses it would be such an honor as I would like to learn from those big names.

Syrian actress Amal Arafa was nominated to act in a Hollywood film, what do you have to say about that?

Amal Arafa is a Syrian actress that will raise our head high and such opportunities suit her.

(Source: kindahannaofficial - Isntagram)

Recently, the number of Syrian series is less than before regardless of high viewership, what are the reasons in your opinion?

The problem is that there is no strong production in Syria currently because of post-war circumstances, yet this year it seemed like there were multiple series with Syrian leads and hopefully this will bring Syrian drama back into the equation and to its earlier status, or even better.

Are Syrian actresses being overshadowed, especially that their presence in lead roles seems to be really limited recently regardless of their talent an on-screen presence, what are the reasons in your opinion

I shall emphasize that I don't see that the Syrian actress is being overshadowed! The Syrian series that are being produced in Syria all have Syrian female leads and last year in "Haron Al Rasheed" all the female characters were portrayed by Syrian actresses as the series was produced by a Syrian company.

The series you might be asking about is produced by Lebanese companies that screen their productions in Lebanese TV channels and that is their natural right, it has nothing to do with subsiding Syrian actresses.

On the contrary, Syrians are landing lead roles in those series or directing those projects that also managed to highlight the talent of new Syrian faces. Lebanon is a beautiful country and does not accept the idea of 'subsiding' talent based on nationality. It is a matter of choices and connections, and no one can subside anyone or stand in the way of someone's success as it is a path that is open to everyone.

(Source: kindahannaofficial - Isntagram)

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