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'Surplus' principals to be sent to rural schools of capital.

ISLAMABAD -- In a bid to improve the education standards in the rural areas of the federal capital, Some 94 posts for principals and vice-principals in Federal Government (FG) schools are expected to be transferred to schools in these areas.

It has been disclosed that there are some 69 surplus posts in the secondary and higher secondary schools in the rural areas of the federal capital.

Documents available with The Express Tribune suggest that the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) had conducted a survey which revealed that there were some 65 institutions which were apparently operating with more than one head.

Moreover, there are at least four primary and middle schools where there are four principals in basic pay scale grade (BPS) 19 and four vice principals in BPS-18 against the rules.

According to the rules, a BPS-18 principal should be deployed in each primary school.

Moreover, there are two girls higher secondary schools where two principals in BPS-19 and four vice principals in BPS-18 were deployed. The rules, however, stipulate that only a single principal of BPS-19 and a vice principal in BPS-18 will be deployed in each educational institution.

Further, there are some 40 boys higher secondary and secondary schools where around 125 posts were occupied by officials in BPS-18 to BPS-20. The requirement, however, was for only 56 such posts.

The rules state that for a higher secondary school, a principal in either BPS-19 or BPS-20 and a vice principal of BPS-18 should be deployed.

However, sources in the education sector of the federal capital disclose that their survey found around 177 principals were serving in 65 schools as opposed to the requirement of only 83 principals.

Instead of firing the surplus principals, he said that the government has decided to use these principals where their expertise is needed most, in the rural areas of the federal capital where there is a shortage of principals. Approval for this move is expected to be given by the education secretary who would later send a letter to the finance ministry for a follow-up.

Sources say that there are numerous schools in the rural areas where teachers in BPS-16 and BPS-17 have been given administrative responsibilities because no sanctioned posts were approved for them and the schools lack principals.

Further, sources disclosed that a proposal, with the rules attached, has been sent to the education secretary to inform him about the violation of rules and regulations in these schools.

Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) Director Schools Saqib Shahab, said in line with the vision of Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood to transform Islamabad's educational system into a role model, only a single principal will be deployed in every institution.

He further said that the deployment of school heads in the rural areas will not only improve the performance of these schools apart from improving the standard of education there but will also reduce the percentage of school drop-outs.

Shahab hoped that after the measure is taken, the standard of FG schools in the rural areas of the capital will come at par with the model schools.

In the next phase, Shahab said that they will start rationalising teachers appointed in each school with the surplus teachers to be transferred to schools where there is a dearth of teachers.

Incorrect data

The Punjab education ministry has expressed its extreme displeasure after it was discovered that the online data of 1,069 school teachers was incorrect and has yet to be fixed.

Punjab Schools Monitoring Director Rana Abdul Qayyum has issued a circular to educational heads in the 36 districts if the province in which he has directed to complete the procedure by May 27.

He also warned of action against the responsible officers if his instructions are not followed.

Allowance cut termed illegal

A high court has stated the education ministry's decision to cut the convenience allowance from teachers' salaries for the three-month summer vacations as illegal.

The court noted that the summer vacations could not be considered as leaves of teachers, instead, they were deemed as holidays. The court said that all teachers would be considered as present during the period, therefore, they were liable to be paid to salaries and other allowances for this period.
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Publication:The Express Tribune (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:May 27, 2019
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