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'Suits': Gabriel Macht Talks Harvey-Donna-Paula Love Triangle.

Harvey might find himself questioning his relationship with Paula in this week's summer finale of USA Network's "Suits."

In a recent interview with ( TV Line , Gabriel Macht said that Andy Malick's (Usman Ally) plan to put Donna (Sarah Rafferty) on the stand in ( Season 7, episode 10 might lead Harvey (Gabriel Macht) to admit his true feelings for his former secretary.

"The idea that [Andy] would go after Donna and put her on the stand creates this unbalanced version of Harvey, where maybe some truths might come out," Macht said. "The last time that they put Donna on the stand was a mock trial, and it exposed a lot of her feelings. I think that Harvey could potentially be in denial about his feelings for Donna. Maybe he doesn't think they're right for each other, but maybe he doesn't know. Maybe he has not really investigated. Maybe he just has too much on his mind with work and all the other stuff going on. So I think what it does is it, like, pushes a button, and that scares him. So he's a bit on edge."

Surprisingly, instead of hiding what he feels about it from his current girlfriend, Paula (Christina Cole), Harvey actually opens up to her. "In some way, he reveals that to Paula, [who] is extremely intuitive and knows that there are feelings," the actor said. "She's not a dummy. She knows there are feelings between [Harvey and Donna]. She doesn't know the whole of it, [but] when it gets to the point where she might learn that knowledge, it might be a colossal challenge for all three of them."

"We're in the beginning stages of stuff coming out into the open. The seeds are being planted," Macht teased.

In ( Season 7, episode 9 , Andy got hold of a news article saying that Harvey's client, Mrs. Stanger (Krista Bridges), released a memo directing the illegal sale of one of the divisions of her wholesale shipping company. But because he couldn't find the memo itself, Andy accused Harvey of burying it. Harvey denied Andy's allegation. But when Andy claimed that Harvey has buried evidence before, Judge Ward (Nigel Shawn Williams) allowed Andy to present evidence proving it to be true, as a way of showing that it could have happened again.

When Donna revealed that Andy had subpoenaed her, Harvey was convinced that the deputy attorney general would be using the Clifford Danner case against him in court. Since they already knew that Andy would be putting Donna on the stand to try to prove through her that Harvey knew Cameron buried evidence before, Mike suggested that they do a mock trial to prepare Donna for what's to come. Donna agreed, but she insisted that Louis (Rick Hoffman) should be the one to run her through the mock cross-examination.

What do you think will happen in the mock trial and in the actual trial? Share your theories in the comments section below!

"Suits" Season 7, episode 10, titled "Donna," airs on Wednesday, Sept. 13, at 9 p.m. EDT on USA Network.

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Date:Sep 13, 2017
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