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'Suicide stabbing' claims refuted.

CLAIMS that a man committed suicide by stabbing himself at least 30 times have been ruled out by a medical examiner.

Siraj Al Din Ebrahim, from India, died from multiple knife wounds he suffered at his home in Manama last April.

His wife, also from India, has been charged with premeditated murder and is standing trial in the High Criminal Court.

She claims that Mr Ebrahim, who she was married to for eight years, took his own life by stabbing himself in the neck, chest and abdomen because of financial problems.

However, an Egyptian medical examiner who performed the autopsy told judges yesterday that it was simply "not possible" for someone to kill themselves in this way.

He added that injuries sustained by the wife were defensive wounds - suggesting that Mr Ebrahim was fighting back as he was stabbed by her.

"It is not possible that his death was due to suicide," the doctor said as he appeared as a witness yesterday.

"If a person commits suicide he will stab himself a maximum of two times, not 23 times in the neck as in this case.

"The multiple deep stab wounds that the victim suffered show that he didn't injure himself, but was attacked.

"He died from fatal stab wounds in the neck, which caused him to bleed severely.

"In addition, the wounds that the woman suffered show that he (the victim) was fighting to save his life."

A medical examiner's report previously presented to the court showed that Mr Ebrahim suffered 79 different injuries before he died, ranging from stab wounds to cuts, scratches and bites.

Prosecutors claim his wife killed him so that she could be with her boyfriend.

The wife's defence lawyer previously claimed that bite marks found on Mr Ebrahim's shoulder had been caused by Mr Ebrahim himself, but this was also dismissed by the medical examiner.

"The victim suffered bite marks on his right shoulder," the doctor told judges.

"The defence team said that he bit himself, but this is also not possible.

"If a person bites himself on the shoulder, he will leave teeth marks from one jaw only.

"However, the teeth marks indented in the victim's skin showed he had been bitten with both the upper and lower jaw."

Judges started laughing when the medical examiner illustrated his point by trying to bite his own shoulder in the witness stand.

The wife's defence lawyer Manal Ali then questioned how DNA belonging to the victim was found in samples taken from bite wounds on the victim's shoulder.

"Obviously samples taken from bite wounds on the victim will include the victim's DNA," responded the medical examiner.

The couple's five-year-old daughter earlier told prosecutors that she saw her mother stab her father as he pleaded: "Why do you do this?"

She said her mother was injured in the process as her father attempted to fight her off.

The wife, who is in police custody, appeared in court for the hearing yesterday having earlier pleaded not guilty.

Judges adjourned the trial until March 15 and ordered police to arrest a prosecution witness who was also supposed to testify yesterday, but never showed up.

Prosecutors claim the wife planned the attack in advance and stabbed her husband on their bed while he was sleeping.

Three other people, including the victim's brother, have been charged with aiding and abetting the murder.

However, they have been released on bail and did not attend yesterday's hearing.

The victim's brother will now be summoned to testify at the next hearing.

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Feb 6, 2015
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