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'Sorry, Mr Tevez. Your son's our idol. We do not want to hurt you but we need money' Kidnappers told dad... we hope Carlos will forgive us.


KIDNAPPERS who snatched Carlos Tevez's dad told him they hoped his footballing hero son would forgive them, it was revealed yesterday.

Segundo Tevez was held in a frightening eight-hour ordeal until the former Man City star paid a [euro]38,000 ransom.

He told Argentinian police his kidnappers had said: "Carlos is our idol. He's the greatest there is. We don't want to hurt him. Why would we? "The problem is we've got children and we need the money. We haven't got any alternative. We hope he forgives us."

They also told him they were upset when the Juventus striker, who has also played for West Ham and Man City, was left out of the Argentina's World Cup squad.

Detectives are still hunting for the gang after the delivery driver was snatched off the streets of Buenos Aires on Tuesday.

CCTV footage shows the kidnappers following Segundo's black Dodge Journey in a white Volkswagen Passat which was later found abandoned.

They initially forced him out of his car at gunpoint but decided to kidnap him after they found his ID and realised who he was. They went back and captured him while he was trying to get a taxi.

The gang originally demanded nearly [euro]380,000 to free Segundo but settled for [euro]38,000 after Carlos, who led negotiations from Italy, said he wouldn't pay any more.

Dad-of-two Carlos, who is said to be worth [euro]18million, phoned Segundo to make sure he hadn't been harmed.

Carlos was five when his biological dad died in a shoot-out in Fuerte Apache, the Buenos Aires slum where the footballer grew up.

His mother Fabiana had abandoned him when he was just six months old and her brother Segundo brought him up.

Carlos calls him dad and took his surname.

Argentina's security secretary Sergio Berni last night promised to hunt down the kidnap gang.

He said: "We're going to look for them under beds if we have to and we're going to find them. Believe me when I say that's what we'll do and it's not just because it's Carlos Tevez's dad."

He added: "They stole his car and let him go. They returned for him after realising it was Carlos's dad. We're not talking about a professional kidnap gang. We're confident we will catch them." Carlos' brother Diego and lawyers were seen leaving Segundo's home.


JUVE STAR Carlos Tevez

CLUE Police found dumped white Volkswagen Passat

SEARCH Cops near home

WORRIED Carlos' brother Diego outside dad's home

SNATCH SQUAD Gang follows Segundo's black Dodge

CLOSE Carlos was five when Segundo Tevez adopted him

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 31, 2014
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