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'ShooperMapping' makes sense out of loyalty card data.

DENVILLE, N.J. -- Loyalty card programs have given retailers unprecedented access to shopper information that can be used to drive business growth.

But the question is how to use that information.

Cartwheel LLC, a new company created to help retailers use consumer data to build their business, has some answers.

President and chief executive officer Larry Aronson says that "access to this information is terrific, but turning that into business growth requires new skills for most retailers."

"ShopperMapping" is the trademarked methodology offered by Cartwheel to help its retail partners use data from their loyalty card programs to generate profitable sales increases.

To help realize the potential benefits of using the information from their loyalty programs, Cartwheel strategically assesses the retailers' capabilities to use their data to boost business. It then provides a realistic, tailored and results-oriented plan. Finally it provides ongoing program leadership, marketing and analytical support to get results.

Aronson and partner John Wilson, who have a combined 45 years of experience with suppliers including Procter & Gamble Co., Kraft Foods, Pfizer Inc., Warner-Lambert Co. and Revlon Inc., are committed to establishing ongoing partnerships with retailers. They will provide the resources and expertise required to help chains strengthen relationships with their best shoppers and key suppliers.

To gauge financial success Cartwheel advocates using the retailer's actual customer purchase information to measure performance. Testing and learning will lead to effective marketing, ensuring the most productive use of marketing spending.

"Retailers can test any idea down to the individual shopper," notes Aronson, who most recently was president of Revlon North American Sales and Customer Marketing. "Nothing should ever go chainwide that hasn't been tested."

"Many different technologies are available for collecting and using information from loyalty card programs," he says, "but the technology for using the information is way ahead of the retailer's capability to best use it. We are not a technology supplier. We focus on helping retailers use the information to drive their business. If required we will help retailers select the technology that is right for them."

"Most North American retailers have a great opportunity in this area when you take a look at how some retailers are using the information to drive results," notes Wilson, saying that United Kingdom-based Tesco PLC has set the gold standard.

"We believe retailer marketing will look very different as retailers learn how to capitalize on the shopper information they are collecting" says Wilson.

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