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'Shared space' chaos; YourSay.

RECENT letters from readers have expressed concern about a proposal to virtually pedestrianise Moseley Village, removing traffic lights at the major junction of St Mary's Row, Salisbury Road and Alcester Road.

The people who come up with such harebrained schemes as the "shared space" notion (for which read vehicles and pedestrians in a free-for-all) fail to realise that visits to (or worse, just seeing pictures of) continental Europe show up the traits of other Continents and Europeans, who are coming from an entirely different headspace! Hopefully, both the police and councillors in the area will decide that pubs (there are five within barely more than 100 yards of the major traffic lights) are an instant no-no to such a crazy idea.

There seems to be some notion that heavily increased pedestrianisation and the removal of traffic lights will force people to be more cautious. It won't. It'll just increase their speed intolerance, and the likelihood of taking a chance, rather than being manipulated or dictated to.

Les Woolf, Moseley
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jun 18, 2009
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