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'Save our post office' callnets600names; CLOSURE WILL RIP THE HEART OUT OF COMMUNITY, SAY PROTESTERS.


MORE than 600 names have been put on a petition protesting at the closure of a Coventry post office.

People living close to Winsford Avenue post office, Allesley Park, say axing it will rip the heart out of their community.

It is one of 11 earmarked for closure by the Royal Mail, whose bosses say there are just too many competing for too little business.

Post Office area head Paul Maisley has said the branches listed for closure are cramped, poorly used and have suffered from a lack of investment.

Tourist guide Roger Bailey, 48, of Victoria Court, Allesley Park, who has lived in the area all of his life, said the post office is not "just somewhere to buy stamps".

He added: "Lots of people use it and catch up on news, especially the elderly.

"I'm very concerned about them as they use it to pay bills and collect their pensions.

"Traffic would also increase as people start using their cars more because the post office is too far to walk to."

Grandmother-of-four Barbara Adderley, of Frilsham Way, who is 61 and has lived in the area for 44 years, says people will suffer from the lack of convenience.

She said: "Not everyone has a car so it will be difficult for lots of people to go elsewhere.

"There's no bank here either so lots of people will have to go into town instead of just being able to nip up here.

"We collect pensions for my mother and for a lady over the road - if we have to go into town it won't be as safe having to travel back with the money.

"They are taking our options away and doing this as if the community doesn't matter."

Cllr Cliff Ridge (Con, Whoberley) is backing the campaign and said: "I am appalled the Post Office has completely ignored the geography of the area; the Winsford Avenue branch is at the top of a very steep hill, making it extremely difficult to get to the nearest alternative branch on Broad Lane corner of Glendower Avenue.

"These ridiculous and poorly planned proposals show a complete lack of compassion for the elderly and infirm.

"This shopping parade is already in serious decline. We believe this could be the last nail in the coffin, robbing the residents of Allesley Park of a much needed facility."


D19981_1. BULKY PETITION: Outside the threatened post office with the list of names are (from left) Dr Dave Sheppard, Barbara and Nick Adderley, Cllr Joan Griffin, Roger Bailey, Cllr Cliff Ridge and Ken Charley. Picture: RICHARD NELMES
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:May 6, 2004
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