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'Santa' put wad of cash through our letterbox...

Byline: ANDY RICHARDSON News Reporter @andybrummail

A YOUNG mum has told how a real-life secret Santa posted thousands of pounds in cash through letterboxes in the Black Country on Christmas Eve.

People living in flats in Linden Close, Walsall, were left stunned when envelopes packed with notes were secretly delivered.

It's an generous and I would out who he thank Kirsty Tapper, 26, told the Birmingham Mail she heard her letterbox rattle at 11.30am on Christmas Eve - and then discovered PS50 in the envelope on the doormat.

The Walsall Manor Hospital housekeeper said: "I thought it was going to be a Christmas card. But on the outside of the envelope were the words 'Jesus loves you' and I looked inside and discovered PS50.

"I was absolutely stunned. I went outside and there were lots of my neighbours in the flats who had also received money.

"It's an amazingly generous thing to do and I would like to find out who he is so I can thank him.

"I know some of my neighbours are using it to buy food and pay their electric and gas bills. I am putting my money in an account for my one-year-old son Roman.

"I am sure this man has helped make Christmas for a lot of people. He's a real-life Santa Claus."

amazingly thing to do like to find is so I can him.

Now those living in the area are trying to track down the mystery man to say a massive thank you and to ask why he had been so generous in the first place.

Tapper Kirsty added: "I would love to tell him what an amazing person he is. It's nice know there are people out there who still care for others.

"What happened on Christmas Eve was all about the true meaning of Christmas - which is about putting others first."

| Do you know the identity of the reallife Santa or did you receive one of the envelopes? If so email

then "I in Kirsty "It's an amazingly generous thing to do and I would like to find out who he is so I can thank him. Kirsty Tapper

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Dec 28, 2017
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