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'Room for improvement'.

TINA LOWE, scheme manager for Coventry Victim Support, says that, although the national figures make depressing reading, agencies in Coventry are very willing to pull together for the benefit of victims of crime.

The Coventry scheme supports 12,000 victims every year, the majority of whom are referred to them by police.

Tina said: "We try to give them the support they need - for some this may be emotional support, while others need practical help, information and help from other agencies.

"I think everybody in Coventry who needs our help gets it, although there can always be room for improvement.

"In Coventry, we are very lucky because people are willing to work together and networking is something that is second nature to us."

She said the group had developed good links with local housing associations, who tried to act quickly to rehouse victims if needed.

Although information was always available to front-line medical staff at accident and emergency departments, she said it would be useful to develop better links there.

The Coventry scheme has five full-time members of staff, plus two who work for Witness Support in the courts. Some 40 volunteers help with one-to-one victim support sessions.

Coventry Victim Support can be contacted on 024 7625 6956.


'PULLING TOGETHER': Coventry Victim Support manager Tina Lowe
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Feb 19, 2002
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