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'Robot cones' in store.

MOTORISTS face a new nightmare - the invasion of robot traffic cones.

The self-propelled road markers are being developed in America to cut the cost of highway lane closures.

Each "cone" takes the form of a robotic three-wheeled base supporting a brightly coloured barrel.

The markers are deployed from a control truck by an operator with a laptop.

A "shepherd" robot equipped with a Global Positioning System satellite navigation receiver, leads a herd of less sophisticated "sheep" units into place to, say, close down motorway lanes and exit routes.

Andrew Howard, head of road safety at the AA Motoring Trust in Britain, commented: "They could be a big help on lanes that are shut during quiet times and reopened during peak traffic periods."
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Apr 29, 2004
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